Current available datasets

NASA MODIS MOD13 – Vegetation Indices

MODIS core mission, standard VI products include the normalize difference vegetation index (NDVI) and the enhanced vegetation index (EVI) to effectively characterize bio-physical/ biochemical states and processes from vegetated surfaces. There exists a complete, global time series record of 6 VI products from each of the Terra and Aqua MODIS sensors, at varying spatial (250m, 1km, 0.05 degree) and temporal (16-day, monthly) resolutions to meet the needs of the research and application communities. The VI prod-ucts are validated with accuracies depicted by a pixel reliability flag and with globally averaged uncertainties of 0.015 units.

Available resolutions:

  • Worldwide coverage of MOD13Q1 (250m and 16-daily) for single pixel analyses only
  • Germany: MOD13Q1 (250m and 16-daily)
  • Central Siberia: MOD13Q1 (250m and 16-daily)
  • Siberia: MOD13C2 (0.05deg and monthly)
  • Worldwide: MOD13C1 (0.05deg and 16-daily)


NASA MODIS MOD11 – Land Surface Temperature

The Aqua MOD11 product is similar to the Terra MOD11 product. It contains Level 2 and 3 LST and emissivity retrieved from Aqua MODIS data at spatial resolutions of 1 km and 5 km over global land surfaces under clear-sky conditions. The generalized split-window LST algorithm will be used to retrieve LST for MODIS pixels with known emissivities in bands 31 and 32. The physicsbased day/night LST al-gorithm will be used to simultaneously retrieve surface band emissivities and tempera-tures from a pair of daytime and nighttime MODIS observations in bands 20, 22, 23, 29, and 31-33 over all types of land cover.

Available resolutions:

  • Germany: MOD11A1 (1km and 8-daily)
  • Central Siberia: MOD11A1 (1km and 8-daily)
  • Siberia: MOD11C3 (0.05deg and monthly)
  • Worldwide: MOD13C1 (0.05deg and 8-daily)


Daily climate station data

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides several datasets providing meteorological data from climate stations. Daily datasets like Global Surface Summary of the Day and the Global Historical Climatology Network are available for on demand integration and analysis.

Available datasets:

  • Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD)
  • Global Historical Climatology Network - Daily (GHCN-D)


Planned datasets


Further operational products from MODIS LPDAAC are planned to be integrated available for time-series analysis and time-series monitoring.

Landsat and derived products

Landsat data can be obtained and processed within the Google Earth Engine. They provide an API to request and retrieve data. It is planned to integrate a programmable interface to Google Earth Engine via the webEOM.

Geoland products

Similar to MODIS land products, Geoland provides biogeophysical parameters worldwide on 1km spatial resolution on an operational basis.